About Marjan

There is an old, wise clown that used to say: all problems are thinking problems! That has become my life motto and the insight continues to deepen. In my work I have made your happiness my goal. All too often I have seen people (unintentionally and often unconsciously) make themselves unhappy. So how do you get happier? By looking at what makes you unhappy and solving it, clearing it up. The only problem we ever have is believing our thoughts. Reality is what it is.

In my practice I mainly use The Work of Byron Katie combined with insights from Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET). In addition, I have been a lecturer at the Personal Development Seminar of Exelix since 2007. The principles of PDS fit seamlessly with my work as a coach.

My background and experience lie in the field of communication and marketing. I have worked for several multinational companies in Germany, Czech Republic, Spain and other countries. Together with my husband Ruud and my two sons Tim and Loek I live in the north of Spain.