Do The Work with Marjan

How do you become happier, more efficient, relaxed, or accepting? By learning to look at what makes you unhappy, sad, afraid or angry in a different way! Would you like some help with that? Then, let´s do The Work!

I'm not giving you any advice, you don't have to learn complicated procedures, it's not psychology or a new religion. It is only a matter of identifying and questioning your own thoughts using The Work: 4 simple questions and applying some turn-arounds. Want to experience how it's done? Then click the blue button at the top and book a free introductory session right away. Sessions are online via Google Meet and last 1 hour.

Marjan has been practicing The Work for 15 years. She teaches and has participated in numerous workshops and trainings in the US, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

She is a Certified Facilitator for The Work of Byron Katie.

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