Simply being happy

Have you ever had that impression? That your life consists of nothing more than running around, arranging and fixing everything for everybody? And that - come evening - you lack the energy to do anything for yourself? Maybe you even feel angry, sad, anxious or unhappy. And what if - on top of everything else - you need to deal with a divorce, illness, dismissal or death of a loved one? Or - as we are all experiencing now - you're coping with the consequences of COVID-19? Wouldn't it be time to ask yourself whether you can simply be happy - despite all the things that happen to you?

But where to begin? How do you become happier? By learning to look at what makes you unhappy in a different way! I would like to help you with that. In order for you to feel calm again. To feel free again and see possibilities. Helping you clear your head. For you to see what's important in your life!

with Marjan

Personal Development Seminar

The Work

Marjan has been practicing The Work for 15 years and has participated in many workshops and courses in the USA, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.


Marjan has successfully completed the intensive, two-year training with the Asociación The Work, Spain. She is a certified coach for
The Work of Byron Katie.


In 2015 Marjan completed the course Rational-Emotive Therapy at CIVAS Academy.


Marjan is registered as a teacher at the Central Register of Short Vocational Education.

Marjan de Boer | Carrer de l'Àncora 6, 17300 Blanes, Spain | tel +34 649 924 735 |