What is The Work?

The Work is a simple and powerful process developed by Byron Katie - an American woman who woke up one morning after years of depression and suddenly realized that it wasn't the situation that caused her anger, pain, or grief, but how she felt about that situation. It wasn't that other people were making her feel uncomfortable, but what she was thinking and believing about them that was throwing her off balance. It turned out to be a radical change in her life! And by now, also in mine and in that of many others.

Every time you experience tension, discomfort or frustration it's because you hold on to an opinion or a thought. As soon as you examine that thought, it dissolves and loses its power over you. What remains are new possibilities and clarity about what is important for your life. In short, you become happier and experience more inner peace.

I will gladly take you along in the search for your truth!

What does it bring you?

What are the effects of doing The Work on a regular basis?

  • You are able to stop your automatic, learned reactions and choose a different direction.

  • You deal more effectively with your time and energy.

  • You feel happier, calmer.

  • You discover that there are always more possibilities than you thought.

  • You experience more autonomy.

  • You depend less on other people's appreciation.

  • You feel freer, more connected to yourself.

  • You are more honest with yourself and transparent to the people around you.

  • Your relationships (with your partner, your children, your colleagues, etc.) become more effortless, simpler, and more open.

Instructions and worksheets

"Marjan, thanks again for the short but powerful session.

I learned a lot and my fears are mostly gone by now!"